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Maximize your buying options and IT Budgets through outsourcing computer product acquisitions- with our wholesale Clubs purchasing services

Market Knowledge- our competitive edge The Formula- successful "Contract purchasing"

Corporations and individuals benefit through networking their efforts. Our in-depth knowledge of the computer industry supplier base allows us to focus on the interests of buyers rather than sellers. We therefore are in a position to leverage our clients purchasing power to obtain the "best price" within the computer and office automation distribution channel. Opportunities within this market are expanding as companies downsize and look to outside "experts" to augment their internal purchasing efforts.

Since 1997 The PcStore at Get-in2's CyberMalls features top online bargains on all types and brands of computer gear, systems, notebooks and peripherals. NewEgg for years has received top honors for customer satisfaction and overall low -low pricing from our savvy shoppers. Drill down through all the computer and home electronics categories and see current products and pricing. Hit the "Shopping" link to return to main category selection page. This page dynamically generates NewEgg's top bargains. To start enjoying the experience of building your own computer system, click on the category you are interested in or submit a keyword query, the more specific the better and simply find the components and accessories that you need.

Once You Know, You Newegg you use us for all your computer shopping

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Once You Know, You Newegg

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Unmatched Market Knowledge

With in-depth and current market knowledge of the nations computer supplier base, IMS "buyers agents" obtain the best possible prices for their clients. We know this market and are sensitive to its daily fluctuations. We're faster and more flexible than conventional suppliers, who often bypass smaller orders or unique requirements. Our versatility allows us to take advantage of overstocked or scarce supply, using logistics and time zones to meet our customers delivery deadlines.

We reduce the "supply/demand" impact on pricing by placing orders to distributors who have the newest items "in stock" and therefore more inclined to provide the best price. We also help buffer our clients from computer products technology transitions, ( legacy vs. new ) an issue that creates immense difficulty in this facet of the computer industry. Using our shared knowledge base, we quickly locate, negotiate, and buy the product for the informed customer. Optionally, our vendors can provide custom configuration and installation assistance- on going technical support- helpdesk functions, even onsite training and education. We understand the needs of the client and those of this industry, satisfying both for over 20 years. I personally recommend to resellers and consumers Factory recertified systems and peripherals. They are often better than new and have all the latest upgrades.

ingredients to successful contract purchasing services Join our Club

Find a company with the capability to leverage their clients multi-million dollar Get tyhe most out of your purchasing dollarcomputer budgets, with those of your firm, to reduce overall acquisition cost-

Find a company who can source any computer product for worldwide or stateside immediate delivery, at discounted pricing, who isn't bound to pushing their own in-stock inventory -

Find a company with 20+ years of experience in purchasing and installing all types of computer products-and wants to deal strickly with distributors willing to price and ship direct to the enduser.

Find a company with purchasing knowledge and authorization to ALL major manufacturers at volume reseller pricing, willing to -buy for you- at the lowest discount structure-

Find a company that is knowledgeable in interfacing hardware and software for today's sophisticated office environment- Intranet servers & software- Broadband ISP services and all types of DBMS e-catalog interfaces.

Find a company with direct knowledge of networks, H/Sservers, O/S, DBMS, POS, Bar coding, Client/Server S/W, Intranets, PC's, and related peripherals from a product pool of over 165,000 items- from online discount warehouses shipping directly to the enduser.

We are always looking for new Independent contractor "Acquisition Specialists," or direct ship closeout vendors of computers and digital cameras with in- depth knowledge of the computer products distribution channel, to join our team. Selected partners and post their products directly to our PcShops Mall online E-catalog. eMAIL our Mall administration


The PcSHOPS mall carries name brand and clone computers from all major distributors

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